Oh Hey, I Finally Finished Something

And yes, I'm still pregnant.

We finally got around to finishing Lillian's new big girl room... only 2 months late.  We were really hoping to move her in long before the little bambino showed up, but here I am 39 weeks pregnant and she still hasn't slept in there.  She does play in there and all her clothes are in there, so I think she understands it's her room.  I guess we're just going to wing it and hope for the best when she gets transferred to sleeping in there.

The words along the shelf and the bird mobile were made by moi (I have a brief tutorial for the words to post another time).  Phil painted the "dresser" which was originally two extremely ugly poop brown night stands.  He painted them white and painted the handles green - which I loooove!  The bookshelf came from IKEA (I'm thinking about painting the backboard of it), and the mirror came from a consignment shop. She has a walk in closet, so there's plenty of space to store her cute little wardrobe.  Everything else we had on hand!

Overall it's exactly what I was hoping for, something timeless, girly, and a bit sophisticated without being too grown up.

{You can click on the photos to make them bigger}


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  1. It looks gorgeous!!! It is so hard to make those transitions! Hang in there Momma it won't be long and your handsome little boy will be in your arms :)

  2. I am loving her new digs! Great job.

  3. Beautiful! Impressive too you are getting so much accomplished - I'm 27 weeks and can't seem to get anything done!!

  4. I'm all over that dresser. Those handles are awesome. They speak to me in "You should by our brothers and bring them into your home" kind of way. Good job!

  5. The room is beautiful, great job!!



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