Why I've Slacked

Why have I slacked with blogging in December?

1. Morning All day sickness.  Every day. 
2. Falling asleep at 7pm every night
3. Appointments:  OB, Ped, Dev. Ped, Radiology, PT, OT, ST, etc
4. Lillian's newest diagnosis, scoliosis.  Joy.
5. The holidays
6. OB couldn't find the baby's heartbeat at my 10 week appointment (no worries, I'm pretty sure it's alive in there and is letting me know every day by inducing nausea, fatigue, and a growing waste line )
7. Sick dog
8. Dead dog :(   (so freaking sad. she's been with me for 10 years.. I hate cancer)

So there.  Happy New Year.

And a picture of my dog during happier times...

And Lillian's Second Christmas

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