I've put this off long enough...

Ordered these today!  We're not officially sending them out until Friday, at the earliest.  I wanted to be 10 weeks before the big announcement.  We've had 2 ultrasounds and both showed a beating heart and growing baby, so we're obviously THRILLED to be on our way to 2 under 2! 


We would really like for our cards to reach the extended family and friends before announcing anything on facebook.  None of those people are linked to my blog (I think) so it should be safe here.

I couldn't even bring myself to update this blog because I just wanted to yell HEY GUESS WHAT, I'M PREGNANT! lol

We told our immediate family last week on my birthday because I've been so sick and nauseous, it's getting hard to take care of Lillian and be a good mom.  Luckily Zofran has saved me from all day nausea and Phil has really stepped up and helped out (and cooked every night).

In case you can't see the picture clear enough, this is how we announced to my family on my birthday:

A quick update on Lillian, we got rid of her PT and replaced her with a new one that we all like so much.  She's a much better fit for Lillian and for our family.  We also replaced her ST just out of convenience for everyone, and we really like her too!  It's nice to start the new year fresh with therapists that are a better fit for her. 

Lillian has been showing a lot more understanding for words and people.  She said "done" the other day when she was finished eating (she repeated it when I asked if she was all done) and she also says "no" and shakes her head no.  She knows who the doggy is when we ask, and she's started giving kisses and hugs when we ask.  She also takes a drink of her milk when Phil reminds her to drink during dinner.  I love being able to see her brain make the connections with words. 

More updates to come soon!

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