Stupid L&D Visit

Yep. Again.

Today I wasn't feeling any movement from the baby. I tried EVERYTHING! I tried sugar, protein, carbs, ice water, laying down, standing up, moving around, moving from side to side. No movement.

So after about 12 hours of wondering what the hell was going on, I called the Doctor. My Doctor was on vacation so they sent me to another Dr. To make a long story short, they hooked me up to monitors, found the heartbeat and then discovered I was having contractions that seemed to be less than a minute apart.

HUH? I didn't even feel anything!

So, he did an internal to see if I was dilating and sent me to the hospital. I wasn't dilating but he wanted them to monitor me and work to get me hydrated and conduct an ultrasound.

Several hours later (and after a pretty awesome ultrasound) they sent me home. Everything on the ultrasound looked okay, but here's the ringer - they said I have "too much" amniotic fluid.

-insert giant WTF moment here-

Yeah, so 10 weeks ago they had me worried out of my mind freaking out about having too little fluid. Now I have too much? STFU. I want my real doctor.

So even though I'm thrilled to see my little girl again and absolutely thrilled to have peace of mind, I'm a little annoyed that the doctor sent me to the hospital when it was clear I wasn't dilating. Honestly I think he wanted to go home because it was 5 o'clock and he didn't want to monitor me for dehydration - which turns out to be the reason why I was contracting.

I'll post a new picture of my cute little princess tomorrow.


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