Birthday Party Planning Extravaganza

Ok, so the title might be a little dramatic, but I've been having a blast planning Lillian's first birthday party.  This girl LOVES fish.  All things that swim, really.  I decided to have a gold fish themed party because we're getting her goldfish for her birthday, and it helps narrow down the decorations rather than have an explosion of random fish every where! 

So the idea is simple.  Blue and orange.  Well, powder blue and tangerine if we're being honest. We're going to have blue table cloths with orange plates and napkins, blue streamers imitating wavy water along the beams of the shelter we're renting (next to the tot playground) and blue round balloons surrounding orange goldfish shaped balloons.

I might have even bought a bubble machine today...

We'll have fish-bowl-like-jello
(Thank you Martha Stewart for your always fabulous creative and tasty ideas)

.....fruit, veggies, and yogurt parfaits (instead of cake and ice cream) and a variety of Gold Fish Crackers, of course.

I'm still trying to figure out what to do for the main course.  I was thinking maybe fish shaped turkey sandwiches, but we might go easy and make some DIY sandwich trays.

I was planning on making all of the invitations by hand, until an e-friend offered her cricut services!  That will save so much time since all of the pieces will be pre-cut and I'll just have to place them all together and print out the wording on the invitations.  I'm thinking they will say something along the lines of "You are O-Fish-ially invited to Lillian's 1st Birthday Party!"

They'll look something similar to orange one below.

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