Our Life in a Nutshell (UBP '10)

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

I've been meaning to write our "About Us" post for a long time, and the Ultimate Blog Party was the perfect motivation to get it started.  So excited about joining the party this year!  Can't wait to meet everyone :)

Phil and I met in the spring of 2004. We dated for a couple years and got engaged on Christmas Eve 2006. On July 7, 2007 we tied the knot! On New Years Eve 2008 we found out I was pregnant and I had our daughter in September 2009 and she was diagnosed with Prader-Willi Syndrome 6 weeks later.

Our favorite thing to do as a couple is travel and enjoy the outdoors. Now that we have our daughter Lillian we'll get to enjoy traveling as a family. This blog is mainly about the ups and downs of marriage, family, having a child with special needs, and enjoying life's journey. Thanks for listening to me vent, celebrate, and ramble on about life!

Our Life in Photos

Boy meets Girl

Boy likes Girl

Boy moves to Hawaii

Girl goes to College

Boy comes back for Girl

Girl falls in love with Boy

Boy and Girl get Married

They travel

Girl gets Pregnant

Then comes Baby!


The Ultimate Blog Party is giving away a ton of prizes this year and the ones I'm most excited about are:

US6 - The hand stamped personalized necklace from Kristin's Custom Creations
US18 - Goodie Basket for Mom from The Healthy Moms

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Look Ma! We're famous!

Well, not really.  But we are featured on a great new mommy blog  - Spit Happens.  Check it out!


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