I'm too pregnant for this...

And who really cares about that survey anyway?

Yep, I'm over it. Is it July yet?

We're busy. Sooooo busy.  On top of all the last minute stuff trying to prepare for another baby, we decided to buy property and build a house.  But before we start building our future home, we need to make some pretty big improvements to our current home before selling it... Oh yeah, and did I mention we're having a baby?!  oy.

Those horses are hanging out in our future yard :) 
(Don't worry, we aren't taking their home. 
They belong in those stables in the background and have plenty of land over there.)

I have a lot more to share about the new property and the home improvements we're making, but I'm just too pregnant for this blog.  Or anything else really.  I just want to kick my feet up with a banana split in my hand and sit around until July.  Oh yeah, but I have a toddler.  A full time walking toddler.

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  1. You look SO ADORABLE. Your cute bump makes me want another one ;) Really, you look fantastic.

  2. YEA!!!!!! Things are looking great for you guys!!!! Can't wait to see the newest edition to the clan! ::muah::

  3. You are like the cutest pregnant girl ever. When I was 30+ weeks pregnant with Isabella I looked like I ate the child. I love how everything is coming together for you guys!

  4. You look fantastic! We decided to sell and build while pregnant now too. So not fun, best of luck though! It's been pretty smooth so far:)

  5. Oh you look AMAZING! I wish I looked half as good as you do when I was pregnant. Love your pictures!

    New follower here, please stop on by if you get the chance..

  6. You seriously are too cute pregnant! I can't wait to see the house progress!!

  7. Looking good, mama!

    I'm glad there's someone else who apparently likes multiple huge life transitions all at the same time. lol Pregnancy is crazy hard once you have other kiddos outside the womb!

  8. Wow, you've got a lot going on! Hang in there. And I think it's such a cute idea that you're taking pictures of all the fruits - I'll have to pass that idea along to my friend. :-)



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