You Know What Sucks?

Having a man voice.  And a red nose that could compete with Rudolph.  And TRUCK LOADS of mucus. 

You really wanted to know about that, right? 

This week has been horrible!  When I have a voice at all, it's deep and disgusting.  When I don't have a voice I'm hacking.  Thank goodness Lillian hasn't caught this cold, or Phil.  Otherwise we would be one big pathetic household. 

Fingers crossed this is all gone by Thanksgiving and especially the Saturday after.  I have a craft show that Saturday and can't imagine anyone wanting to talk to me as I'm blowing my nose and hacking up God-knows-what into the trashcan.

On a completely unrelated note, Lillian can officially climb ALL the stairs in our house!  She climbs all the way up (closely supervised) and once she gets to where she can see the very top she squeals in delight!  It's an awfully cute site to see.  Another thing she did this weekend, yesterday actually, was stand completely independently!  She's NEVER done this before.  She was standing at her music table and when she saw Phil and I dancing along with the music she let go of the table, stood by herself, and clapped 4 times before balancing on the table again.  I was so happy Phil got to be there to see it too. 

After her annual IFSP meeting for the EI program, she's gone back down to only 2-3 therapy sessions a week instead of 5.  Let me tell you, it's like living a whole new life.  I'm amazed by how much that has freed up our schedule.  We dropped 2 whole therapy sessions and now all of the sudden we have free time!  That's never happened before.  After all of her paperwork goes through, we might be back up to 5 times a week, but for now we're enjoying the break.  I'm thankful for all the therapy she gets, and it's really helped her tremendously... but this break has given us time to do what typical families get to do, like mid-day trips to the grocery store and having lunch without feeling rushed to get a nap in before the next therapy session.

Here's a fun picture from this week.  She really enjoys getting mail!  This was from Nana wishing her a Happy Thanksgiving:

(PS - see that wallpaper in the background?  It's coming down this week :) )

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