HDBD: week 31

*How far along?: 31 Weeks

*Total weight gain: I'm still not really sure. Somewhere around 15ish lbs.

*How big is baby?: The size of 4 naval oranges

*Sleep?: I'm up about twice to pee, but otherwise sleeping well.

 *Best moment this week?: Lillian does this new thing where she rocks her baby dolls.  That was pretty darn cute.

*Movement?: He's still pretty active but it does seem like he's running out of room. Hopefully he'd head down.

*Food cravings?:  Everything...

*Labor signs?: Nope.

*Belly button in or out?:  About half and half.

*What I miss:  Wearing normal clothes

*What I'm looking forward to:  This weekend.  Hopefully we do something fun for Memorial Day.

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