Our Schedule Today

2am - feed Lillian
6am - feed Lillian
8am - Wake up, pump, eat breakfast, wake up Lillian and play
9:30am - feed Lillian, give her Zantac, CoQ10, and breathing treatments
10am - Grandma comes over to watch Lillian while I start laundry, run to the store and jump in the shower
11:45pm - Lillian has Occupational Therapy
12:45pm - Feed Lillian, give her poly-vi-sol, eat lunch, read Dr. Suess
1:45pm - Pediatrician appointment
3:00pm - Run to Target for prescriptions
4:00pm - Feed Lillian, pump
5:00pm - Phil comes home, plays with Lillian while I catch up with emails, etc.
5:30pm - Make dinner while Lillian naps
6:30pm - give Lillian breathing treatment
7pm - Feed Lillian, give her Zantac
7:30pm - Give Lillian bath
8:15pm - Bedtime for Lillian
10pm - Feed Lillian

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.



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