Well Gaaawwleeee (plus some pics)

I love that phrase. Especially coming from the big burley man working at the marina where we are docked. Something about being in the south just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Did I mention the food?
1. Grits - We don't have these in Indiana and I love them
2. Catfish - Never thought I would say that. The catfish in Indiana is the most disgusting food I've ever seen, but for some reason in Tennessee they have perfected this strange animal to taste amazing. Kind of like frito chips actually...
3. Pie - all of it. Chess pie, Fudge pie, Derby Pie, Blackberry Pie, Peach Pie, Apple Pie. allofit.
4. Sweet tea - 'nough said.

Yesterday DH and I had a great time playing a round of mini golf at the state park and fishing the day away. Unfortunately after we got as far west as possible on the lake our boat wouldn't start. It was also 90 degrees outside and we were no where near the shade on the shoreline. Thank God this adorable older couple happened to be swimming off their pontoon boat within shouting distance and they were kind enough to tow us all the way back to the marina. They were really just so adorable. They have been married 49 years and were as sweet as could be. They told us about their children and grandchildren and we realized her son works at the hospital in Indiana that I'll be delivering at. It's such a small world!

Now that the boat won't start we may be ending our trip a couple days earlier than expected. Phil is fishing around the marina today, but there isn't anything else to do around here without driving at least an hour and a half away. The pool and a good book are enough to keep me happy, but I can understand him not wanting to miss work to sit around a dock.

Lillians first boating trip:

Phils fish.............

My tiny little fish... (don't judge, I look disgusting here!)

Sweet older couple towing us back to the marina:


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