Gone Country

You know you live in the country when the INSIDE of your house gets skunked. I've told this story a million times now, but here are some updates:

Sunday 11pm - Dog gets sprayed on front porch. Front door was open = inside of house gets sprayed. Dog gets bath, we sleep at in-laws for the night.

Monday - scrub house. Floors, walls, clothes, wood trim, everything. Tried vinegar solution, Nature's Miracle spray, febreeze, soap, pledge, etc.

Tuesday - Got home from work, opened windows and doors. Sprayed all carpets with Nature's Miracle (again). Notice funny smell in bedroom...

Wednesday - Same as Tuesday but also vacuumed upstairs carpets again. Phil gave our dog Blaze another bath because the smell has come back - stronger than before. Discover smell in bedroom is from the mattress. MY FAVORITE PIECE OF FURNITURE. Yes, the skunk smell has permeated into our mattress. Too late to spray the bed down, must sleep on it.

Thursday - (today) Woke up way too early for being my day off. Smell of mattress makes me gag. Game plan for today is spray Nature's Miracle all over mattress and turn on the fan. Hope it dries (and gets rid of smell) before 11pm. DH is having company over tonight, so I plan on baking cinnamon in the oven to try to deoderize the air (or at least temporarily make the house smell better). Will probably smell test every inch of the house to see if I can narrow down where the stench still lingers.

***Also exciting event today: Doctors appointment at 3pm. Will schedule the big U/S today!!***


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