4 Weeks and pics

Age - 4 weeks
Weight - 7lbs 11oz
Height - 21.5 inches
Sleeping habit - She sleeps a lot still, but tends to wake up around 4am, 7am, 2pm-4pm, and again around 7-9pm
Eating habits - She's still eating through her feeding tube. She's at 65ml every 3 hours this week. Right now she's getting half breast milk and half formula.
Favorite activity - She loves to have tummy time on mommy and daddy, sleep, and be held and talked to.
Cutest Moment of the Week - Her uncle Cullen was holding her for the first time and she screamed the loudest scream in her sleep. It made us all laugh because she's usually so quiet!
Milestones - turning head from side to side, making eye contact, following voices with her eyes
Firsts - She wore her first cloth diapers this week and also bounced in her bouncer for the first time! Her first outing was to visit some friends at a camp site, and her first public outing was to Oliver Winery for some fall pictures!


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