Tis the Season...

To send Christmas cards! 

I've been debating this year if we should send out Christmas cards, just hand them to family we see during the Holidays, or go all out and send them to our entire Christmas list from last year.  The more and more I get into the holiday spirit, the more motivated I am to spread the holiday cheer and send out cards to our massive list of friends and family! 

Last year we used Shutterfly to design our Christmas cards and they turned out great!  We had so many people comment on how nice they looked and tell us they placed them front and center on their refrigerator or on their holiday card tree.  It was also a great way for us to share pictures of Lillian (considering we hadn't taken her out in the 3 months she had been alive).

This year I've already planned a top secret Christmas card idea, and you better believe we'll be using Shutterfly again!  I promise once we get them sent out I'll post a picture of one here for you all to see.  I'm so excited!  (yes, little things like Christmas cards really do make my day)

Here is the link to the card we used last year if anyone is interested:

A link to the rest of the adorable modern Christmas cards **swoon**:

And did you know they also have birthday invitations?  I had no idea until I started browsing the sight: 

And the best news yet - Bloggers can get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly: http://bit.ly/sfly2010

Stay tuned for the super secret Christmas design... I promise you'll love it :)
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Ladies Headbands

I know I posted a couple of pics the other day of some new headbands I'm working on.  I finally got the rest of the pictures posted to my facebook page!  Many more coming in the near future.  If anyone has any colors to recommend I'm all ears!  I think my favorite ones so far would be the red one for Christmas and the all grey petal one.

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