Some Party Details

Her gold fish party was so much fun to plan.  Everything was decorated in orange and blue.  It was outdoors, so I couldn't get too fancy, but there were a lot of fun details I thought I would share (you know, in case you want to have an awesome gold fish party too). :)

I tried not to include people in the photos for privacy reasons. Also, blogger hates me and made it really difficult to upload and comment on these photos. So if the format is all screwed up I'm sorry, but I'm over it.

These were the invitations. A friend of mine so kindly cut the shapes out with her cricut and I put them together
Then I used the same fish to make labels for the 8 different types of fish crackers!

This last part of the banner shows the true colors better



The backside of the banner

Most of the kids that came to the party were babies and toddlers, so we had some Cheerios in container that had fish on them for favors. We also displayed Lillian's "First Year" scrapbook

And of course you can't have a gold fish party without gold fish. They also went home with some guests.

I hung blue streamers from the beams above (and placed blue and orange balloons around)

We also had a bubble machine :). It was $5 at walmart in the party section.

She had gold fish shoes!

I found this plastic container at a party store, and the window clings came from CVS! I just stuck them on the dish to decorate it for Lillian's yogurt parfait (instead of cake).  I also covered her high chair with a disposable orange table cloth for easy clean up!
She doesn't look thrilled in this photo, but I guarentee she had a good time :)

The bubble machine was up on one of the beams.

Clean up was easy peasy!  We changed her outfit and continued with the party!

Healthy food options.

The spinach and artichoke hummus was delicious with the pretzel crisps!

Yogurt parfait buffet instead of cake (organic yogurt, granola, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries served in small clear cups)

We provided organic milk for the little ones

The party was held right next to the Tot Lot in town.  A playground for kids 5 and under, with miniture playground equipment.

Hanging out with her cousins.

Partied OUT!

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