New Additions

I've finally posted some pictures of the newest Christmas/winter clips over at Lily & Rose.  I also managed to find some ribbon that matches this dress (Lillian's Christmas dress) and need to knock out a few of those bows this week.

Have you already picked out holiday outfits?  Or am I just super prepared this year?

Also, did you notice I have a blog button?!!? (After 2 years it's about time, right?)  I also jumped on the "Top Mommy Blogs" bandwagon and listed the blog under "special needs".  Even though I don't constantly talk about Lillian's special needs, I think it's important to spread awareness. It's also important for people to see that LIFE GOES ON even when it drastically changes, and happiness continues and even grows.  You can "vote" any time by clicking the Top Mommy Blogs button, once a day.

Today I'm heading over to Michaels to buy one of these 4 ft Christmas trees. They are pre-lit and only $19.99!  We're going to put it on a table in the corner of the living room so Lillian can't pull it over on top of herself.  Also because I'm just feeling lazy this year and want a big tree without dragging one into the house (or out of a box) and decorating it.  Since it'll be on the table it should still stand about 8ft tall... perfect!

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