Made by You Monday

This week wasn't really a crafty week in our household, but thankfully the weather coorperated so we could get some outdoor house work done!

It started with spray painting our shutters.  This should have been done last year (well, probably several years ago) but since I was growing a human inside my big ol' belly it wasn't at the top of my "to do" list.  Here's a little comparison of the old (faded green) and new (brown).  You can tell from the pic that pressure washing our house is next on the "to do" list...

(And now I'm totally embarrassed to show this picture of my dirty house. WE WILL be pressure washing the yuck off the siding this week.)

Next up is planting the vegetable garden.  Luckily my mom has a green thumb and started most of the plants (the rest we bought at the farmers market).  We just had to till the ground, pull up the roots and grass still left, and transfer the plants.  I'm really excited with how it's turned out!  We have a row of corn,  green beans, zucchini, eggplant, squash, early pumpkins, tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers.

We just dug the holes for the plants a few inches apart and sprinkled organic top soil once the plants were transferred. For the green beans we made rows of dirt and lined up the beans down the rows.  Then I just went around and stuck the beans about an inch into the dirt with my finger and then sprinkled with organic top soil.  The pumpkins we planted with plenty of space to grow since they tend to spread.  I set up the sprinklers and gave them all a good sprinkling and so far so good! 

My mom, Lillian, and Blaze (the dog) enjoying a day of gardening

Moooom, get me out of the sun!
That's better

All planted!

Hay sprinkled to prevent mud, fence in place, fake owl on "guard" and sprinklers doing their job!  It's finished!  Now grow plants, GROW.

Last but not least, some Impatiens planted in the shady areas around the house to brighten things up.

I hope everyone else is enjoying the spring time weather.  We're going to enjoy a fun trip to the Zoo this week while the temperature is still mild and pleasent... right after we pressure wash the yuck off our house ;-). 

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