I love Target, but seriously?

So Target shipping BLOWS. That beautiful furniture I wanted to buy for the nursery wasn't very expensive, but when you add the shipping fee it was almost double the entire purchase.

Luckily, JCPenny was having a sale this week and we bought this instead:


Can I hibernate until April 15th?

Because that's when we find out the sex of our baby! I completely blame my mother and grandmother for the lack of patience I have for big surprises :) I just want to treat it like my Christmas presents as a kid... see it first, and act surprised later!


Gone Country

You know you live in the country when the INSIDE of your house gets skunked. I've told this story a million times now, but here are some updates:

Sunday 11pm - Dog gets sprayed on front porch. Front door was open = inside of house gets sprayed. Dog gets bath, we sleep at in-laws for the night.

Monday - scrub house. Floors, walls, clothes, wood trim, everything. Tried vinegar solution, Nature's Miracle spray, febreeze, soap, pledge, etc.

Tuesday - Got home from work, opened windows and doors. Sprayed all carpets with Nature's Miracle (again). Notice funny smell in bedroom...

Wednesday - Same as Tuesday but also vacuumed upstairs carpets again. Phil gave our dog Blaze another bath because the smell has come back - stronger than before. Discover smell in bedroom is from the mattress. MY FAVORITE PIECE OF FURNITURE. Yes, the skunk smell has permeated into our mattress. Too late to spray the bed down, must sleep on it.

Thursday - (today) Woke up way too early for being my day off. Smell of mattress makes me gag. Game plan for today is spray Nature's Miracle all over mattress and turn on the fan. Hope it dries (and gets rid of smell) before 11pm. DH is having company over tonight, so I plan on baking cinnamon in the oven to try to deoderize the air (or at least temporarily make the house smell better). Will probably smell test every inch of the house to see if I can narrow down where the stench still lingers.

***Also exciting event today: Doctors appointment at 3pm. Will schedule the big U/S today!!***


Finally picking out specifics!

We have finally narrowed down what nursery furniture we plan on buying! And I'm not talking about a $2,000 bedroom suite. We found a crib on Target.com for less than $300 that is still very sturdy and safe for the babe. It's the Ellis Signature 4-in-1 crib :

The matching dresser is also long and short enough to add a changing pad on top, which saves us from buying a changing table.

The bedding has already been purchased by my eager mother and grandmother! Luckily, it's neutral and fits with our country style home and love of the outdoors. It's called Enchanted Forest, and we were able to buy it at Buy Buy Baby for 20% off with the Bed Bath and Beyond coupons that came in the mail the morning we went to get them! If we have a girl, we will probably include a pink and green rug, and a pink padded diaper changer. There is a white tree decal that we plan on putting on the wall. I have a few in mind that I found on Etsy. The walls are already a dark sage green color, so the white tree will show up really well on the wall.


My 15 week bump pic



Over the past 5 weeks that I haven't blogged I've had 2 colds, the flu, throwing up every morning, plus a week vacation in Florida. So, clearly there hasn't been much excitement...

Today I'm 13 weeks and 3 days. Here's a picture of my new little bump!

Phil and I have been finishing our basement so we can turn one of the bedrooms upstairs into a nursery. It's coming along pretty well, we just need a little more paint and some carpeting and it will be FINISHED!
We have started a registry just to keep track of a few things we like, but we're keeping it private until we find out the sex of the baby and narrow down some choices. Plus, I want to reserve the right to change my mind on some things before the family starts to get involved! It'll be exciting to start buying the nursery furniture and enter into the "nesting" stage.
One thing we've fallen in love with are the BumGenius cloth diapers. There is a great store in town called Natural Elements that sells environmentally friendly and organic products for infants and children and the owner is the most kind patient woman I have ever met! She answered all of my questions about cloth diapers and demonstrated how they work. She also sells local handmade products and I just love all of it! The things that I'm interested in buying aren't over priced in her store, unlike some of the other boutique children stores I've visited. They also sell Moby Wrap carriers, which makes me a happy lady :)
Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we'll have an appointment set for the big u/s which surprisingly is coming up quickly. It seems like the first trimester just flew by, and I can't wait to find out if we are having a little Eli or a little Lillian. I'll definitely post that date once we find out!


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