18 weeks - sweet potato

This has been by far the best week of pregnancy. I feel good, I still don't look "big", I'm comfortable, the baby is more active, I'm not sick (even though my bagel projected out of my mouth and all over the toilet this morning), my energy level is back up, and things are just falling into place.

Hopefully this feeling continues into the next few weeks. I'm starting to get nervous about our ultrasound on Wednesday, even though everything feels like it's going well. The baby has been so active in the last 24 hours. I like to just sit still and feel it tickle the inside of my belly. I LOVE knowing that it's alive in there and that it's active and moves around. I definitely talk to the baby sometimes. Its ears are developed now, so why not?!

This is posted a little late, but here is the 17 week photo:


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