Words, Words! We have Words!

This week we've heard:

Na - (Nose) pointing to my nose
Eye - pointing to my eye
Na na - night night
Anen - (Amen) at the end of evening prayer
Ma - Yelling for me when I walked away (still wondering if that one was intentional)
(She can say dada but hasn't called him dada with meaning that we've noticed)

She babbles quite a bit, so it's possible she has more "words" but I really need to listen more closely to see if she is putting words to meaning.

In the past 1-3 months she's learned to communicate (some what consistently) by...

waving hello and goodbye
blowing kisses
"all done" (she has her own version of crossing her arms in front of her or pulling at her shirt to imitate pulling off a bib)

She brushes her hair (and mine) with a hair brush
She knows how to pat her belly when asked
She'll pat her head when asked
She knows how to find her ears when asked (she won't point to her own nose or eyes though)
She'll take a drink of her milk when asked
She turns pages in books when asked
She dances, claps her hands, and pushes buttons when asked (or when music plays)
She knows what "up" means (lifts her arms)
She puts her hands together when we say "it's time to pray"

She *might* have signed "eat" today, but I couldn't tell if she was doing it on purpose or just putting her fingers to her mouth.

I'm sure there's more that I'm forgetting, but honestly I've been so down for the past 6 months about her lack of words compared to other babies, but this week she has really surprised us!  Even though the words we've caught her saying haven't been repeated, at least she's FINALLY starting to do it!  My goodness I feel like we've been waiting so long and working so hard to hear anything, and finally, finally!   Now I feel like I have to really stop and listen and watch to see if what we think is babbling is really something with meaning.

It's very exciting.  I'm so proud of her :).

And because what's a blog post without a few pictures?

Lillian passed out cold after a trip to the Children's Museum

Here she is the next day passed out at Target after fighting a nap ALL day long

An early 17 week belly shot


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