Things I don't want to forget

I never want to forget the adorable little noise you make when you yawn.  It was one of the only noises you made for months and we would wait for it with anticipation each time your lips opened to make a tiny little oval, just in time to release all your sleepy sighs with a smile inducing "oohhhmm."  (We still wait for it in anticipation, though now the sound that comes out varies from a sweet sigh to an irritated growl. You are such a sassy little thing.)

I don't want to forget the way you stick your little index finger out on your left hand and so carefully aim before jabbing it right into my eye, and in some cases my nose.

Or the way you try to pick up your food with your right hand, only to pass it to the left fingers to put in your mouth, with your right hand guiding your left hand all the way to give it the extra little push into your mouth.

Or how easily you fall asleep next to your daddy, even if you just woke up from a nap. (And how much he enjoys spending time with you)


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