Daily I stand in awe of my children wondering how I got so lucky. Their sweet little faces with their big personalities tug at my heartstrings and drain me of all my energy at the same time!  No matter what the day or week brings, they are consistently brightening the lives of everyone around them. 

Sometimes I think I should take them out into the world just to bring some sunshine into the mundane moments. 

Exhibit A.  Our trip to the post office yesterday:

They wave so sweetly to strangers with a smile and blow kisses to them as we walk away.  How did they learn to be so loving?  And they love each other so much.  Today I snuck around the doorway to the play room to see them quietly sitting down "reading" a book together.

In the evenings they so willingly end the day with hugs and kisses.  Eric makes the most silly kissy face and walks back and forth between Phil, Lillian, and I sharing his kisses.  Lillian makes sure she gets to kiss both cheeks of each family member.  She taps her cheeks so we know to kiss her goodnight too.  At night before I lay Eric in his crib, he lays his head on my shoulder while we say our evening prayers.  He lets me hold him and hug him and cherish his sleepy little body.  It doesn't matter at that moment how our day was.  All that matters is that we still have each other. 

Hope everyone out there had a safe and happy Halloween!

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