7 Weeks and pics

Age - 7 weeks
Weight - no update
Height - no update
Sleeping habit - She's starting to really fight sleep, but still sleeps well once she's asleep. She tends to flail her arms to keep herself awake. It's cute :)
Eating habits - She's getting about 95% breast milk now. She eats 80 ml every 3 hours. She's starting to take her bottle much better, really figuring out the suck-swallow routine
Favorite activity - She likes her activity mat and being held over our shoulders so she can look around.
Cutest Moment of the Week - She threw her first fit. It was so cute because she was just fussing and being really vocal. My mom was there to see it and we just watched her and giggled about it!
Milestones - She's starting to try to lift her head. She can lift it when on her tummy to move her head from side to side, but it irritates her that she can't lift it higher. She smiles at me when I tickle her, and she's all smiles first thing in the morning.
Firsts - She went to a store for the first time - a very small store called Barefoot Kids, we had our first stroller trip alone to the massage therapist, and she went to her first social party for a friend that made tenure at her job. She had her first real bath in her newborn bath tub.


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