I've put this off long enough...

Ordered these today!  We're not officially sending them out until Friday, at the earliest.  I wanted to be 10 weeks before the big announcement.  We've had 2 ultrasounds and both showed a beating heart and growing baby, so we're obviously THRILLED to be on our way to 2 under 2! 


We would really like for our cards to reach the extended family and friends before announcing anything on facebook.  None of those people are linked to my blog (I think) so it should be safe here.

I couldn't even bring myself to update this blog because I just wanted to yell HEY GUESS WHAT, I'M PREGNANT! lol

We told our immediate family last week on my birthday because I've been so sick and nauseous, it's getting hard to take care of Lillian and be a good mom.  Luckily Zofran has saved me from all day nausea and Phil has really stepped up and helped out (and cooked every night).

In case you can't see the picture clear enough, this is how we announced to my family on my birthday:

A quick update on Lillian, we got rid of her PT and replaced her with a new one that we all like so much.  She's a much better fit for Lillian and for our family.  We also replaced her ST just out of convenience for everyone, and we really like her too!  It's nice to start the new year fresh with therapists that are a better fit for her. 

Lillian has been showing a lot more understanding for words and people.  She said "done" the other day when she was finished eating (she repeated it when I asked if she was all done) and she also says "no" and shakes her head no.  She knows who the doggy is when we ask, and she's started giving kisses and hugs when we ask.  She also takes a drink of her milk when Phil reminds her to drink during dinner.  I love being able to see her brain make the connections with words. 

More updates to come soon!

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You Know What Sucks?

Having a man voice.  And a red nose that could compete with Rudolph.  And TRUCK LOADS of mucus. 

You really wanted to know about that, right? 

This week has been horrible!  When I have a voice at all, it's deep and disgusting.  When I don't have a voice I'm hacking.  Thank goodness Lillian hasn't caught this cold, or Phil.  Otherwise we would be one big pathetic household. 

Fingers crossed this is all gone by Thanksgiving and especially the Saturday after.  I have a craft show that Saturday and can't imagine anyone wanting to talk to me as I'm blowing my nose and hacking up God-knows-what into the trashcan.

On a completely unrelated note, Lillian can officially climb ALL the stairs in our house!  She climbs all the way up (closely supervised) and once she gets to where she can see the very top she squeals in delight!  It's an awfully cute site to see.  Another thing she did this weekend, yesterday actually, was stand completely independently!  She's NEVER done this before.  She was standing at her music table and when she saw Phil and I dancing along with the music she let go of the table, stood by herself, and clapped 4 times before balancing on the table again.  I was so happy Phil got to be there to see it too. 

After her annual IFSP meeting for the EI program, she's gone back down to only 2-3 therapy sessions a week instead of 5.  Let me tell you, it's like living a whole new life.  I'm amazed by how much that has freed up our schedule.  We dropped 2 whole therapy sessions and now all of the sudden we have free time!  That's never happened before.  After all of her paperwork goes through, we might be back up to 5 times a week, but for now we're enjoying the break.  I'm thankful for all the therapy she gets, and it's really helped her tremendously... but this break has given us time to do what typical families get to do, like mid-day trips to the grocery store and having lunch without feeling rushed to get a nap in before the next therapy session.

Here's a fun picture from this week.  She really enjoys getting mail!  This was from Nana wishing her a Happy Thanksgiving:

(PS - see that wallpaper in the background?  It's coming down this week :) )

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Tis the Season...

To send Christmas cards! 

I've been debating this year if we should send out Christmas cards, just hand them to family we see during the Holidays, or go all out and send them to our entire Christmas list from last year.  The more and more I get into the holiday spirit, the more motivated I am to spread the holiday cheer and send out cards to our massive list of friends and family! 

Last year we used Shutterfly to design our Christmas cards and they turned out great!  We had so many people comment on how nice they looked and tell us they placed them front and center on their refrigerator or on their holiday card tree.  It was also a great way for us to share pictures of Lillian (considering we hadn't taken her out in the 3 months she had been alive).

This year I've already planned a top secret Christmas card idea, and you better believe we'll be using Shutterfly again!  I promise once we get them sent out I'll post a picture of one here for you all to see.  I'm so excited!  (yes, little things like Christmas cards really do make my day)

Here is the link to the card we used last year if anyone is interested:

A link to the rest of the adorable modern Christmas cards **swoon**:

And did you know they also have birthday invitations?  I had no idea until I started browsing the sight: 

And the best news yet - Bloggers can get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly: http://bit.ly/sfly2010

Stay tuned for the super secret Christmas design... I promise you'll love it :)
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Ladies Headbands

I know I posted a couple of pics the other day of some new headbands I'm working on.  I finally got the rest of the pictures posted to my facebook page!  Many more coming in the near future.  If anyone has any colors to recommend I'm all ears!  I think my favorite ones so far would be the red one for Christmas and the all grey petal one.

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Milestone Update!

I watched Lillian take steps today.  Let me clarify... I watched Lillian pull up on her Little Tikes easle, and as it slipped from underneath her she took steps so she wouldn't fall.  She ended up using it as a "walker" and took at least 4 steps forward pushing it in a controlled manor.

This might not sound like a big deal to a lot of people, especially considering she's 13 months and 3 weeks old, but this is the FIRST time I've ever seen her shift her weight from one foot to the other in a stepping motion without someone facilitating the movement.  That's HUGE for her. She gets it. She really gets it!  She understands that one foot goes in front of the other, and her body actually cooperated!  Knowing how she is, it's something that we should expect from now on.  She has amazing muscle memory, and once she does something by herself she seems to pick up the speed quickly (well, "slowly but determined" is a better description). 

I'm so incredibly excited to see her take steps with a real push toy now.  I know she's going to fall on her face several times while getting the hang of it, but she's a big girl.  She'll brush it off and get back up. The real test is to see if I can get it on video!

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New Additions

I've finally posted some pictures of the newest Christmas/winter clips over at Lily & Rose.  I also managed to find some ribbon that matches this dress (Lillian's Christmas dress) and need to knock out a few of those bows this week.

Have you already picked out holiday outfits?  Or am I just super prepared this year?

Also, did you notice I have a blog button?!!? (After 2 years it's about time, right?)  I also jumped on the "Top Mommy Blogs" bandwagon and listed the blog under "special needs".  Even though I don't constantly talk about Lillian's special needs, I think it's important to spread awareness. It's also important for people to see that LIFE GOES ON even when it drastically changes, and happiness continues and even grows.  You can "vote" any time by clicking the Top Mommy Blogs button, once a day.

Today I'm heading over to Michaels to buy one of these 4 ft Christmas trees. They are pre-lit and only $19.99!  We're going to put it on a table in the corner of the living room so Lillian can't pull it over on top of herself.  Also because I'm just feeling lazy this year and want a big tree without dragging one into the house (or out of a box) and decorating it.  Since it'll be on the table it should still stand about 8ft tall... perfect!

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Playing Catch Up

The past week or so has been so busy.  We had a few Halloween parties, Running for Lillian was last Sunday, Lillian has been a HORRIBLE napper this week, she had a had a sleep study that was traumatizing, trying to build inventory for Lily & Rose, etc. 

So blogging took a back seat.

First the sleep study - It was awful as usual.  Every time she has a sleep study it takes about 10 years off my life. They put leads all over her head, wrap her up like a mummy, shove a bunch of crap in her nose to monitor her breathing, and expect her to sleep.  It's the dumbest thing I've ever seen, but necessary for her to stay on growth hormone injections, so we do it.

Halloween - can you guess who we are?

Running for Lillian - What can I say?  This probably deserves a whole post in itself.  I love the girls so much for doing something so thoughtful for Lillian and the others with PWS. It warms my heart to know that Lillian has touched so many people.  We wanted so badly to be there to cheer them on!  I wish it would have been a possibility, but traveling by myself with Lillian or leaving her at home without me just wasn't an option.

Maybe we'll do it again next year?!  I hope so.

And lastly - I've started making ladies headbands!  They haven't been posted to the facebook page because I'm trying to build inventory for the next 2 shows this month, and I've already got orders placed from others.

Here are some pictures of the latest creations

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I ate a whole pint of Ben and Jerry's....

Everything but The... highly recommend it.

But now I feel fat and disgusting.

Not sure what's going on with me lately.  I ate a huge breakfast, a decent lunch, B&J after lunch, and a big dinner.  Last night I had a package of coconut M&Ms while making dinner.  I'm not pregnant or pmsing, but can NOT stop stuffing my face with horrible food. 

Maybe it's time to restart weight watchers?  I'm not over weight, and I cook healthy meals, it's just the snacking I can't seem to control.

Anyone out there in the blog world have advice?

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Thankful Thursday

I'm so thankful for my friends.  Because of them we've reached our goal for Running for Lillian!  In fact, last I checked we were over the $5,000 goal.  It's all because of them.  Whether it was through donation, spreading the word, posting our RFL link and picture on their blog, putting it in their Facebook status, encouraging us to do it in the first place, they showed us so much support and it makes my heart swell. 

If it's taught me one thing, other than kindness, compassion, and love, it's taught me to pay it forward.  There are so many ways to help out when someone needs it and every little bit helps.  It truly helps.  It's the small things that make a big impact and turn into big things. Don't ever think just because what you can offer is small it's not worth it.  Even a pat on the back, a hug, a short message, a letter of encouragement can change a person's day and possibly change a life.


I'm so thankful for my amazing family.  Even though we have our moments, we ALWAYS forgive each other.  We don't hold grudges, and we are there for each other no matter what.  I love that about my family.  I'm not saying I forget when someone has hurt me, but we talk about it, deal with it, and move on.

My family doesn't know about this blog (at least I don't think they do) because I like to leave the option open to speak freely without being shy or worry them with my thoughts.  But if they do stumble upon this blog, or happen to read it without my knowledge, here's a little shout out of love to them :).  And just because I love you doesn't mean I don't sometimes think you're all a little crazy.  But I'm even thankful for your crazy.

(After writing this post I realized that 1 year ago today I received the most devastating news of my life.  You were there for me through all of that and showed me what it was like to love unconditionally.  Thank you for teaching me to step and take life as it comes)

This picture is probably 6 years old. (In order: My aunt, sister, me, grandma, mom)

I'm thankful for the fall and for apples.  Because Lillian's love of apples and the inability to actually eat one keeps her busy for hours.  And it's just so darn cute.

I'm thankful I have time to write this post.  We've been busy this week with the usual therapy/nap/eat/play schedule.  But this week has been really peaceful.  I'm starting to think about PWS less (at least in some forms) and more about how normal my child really is. Usually the term normal makes me cringe in disgust for the word, but that's how I'm feeling.  Normal.  And it feels good. 

Lillian has started throwing little fits when we take something from her.  She's developing independence that keeps me on my toes.  She's getting into E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G and she's mimicking some things we do, like laugh (she loves to get a room full of people laughing) and bang on things.  No words yet, but I'm not stressing it.  She wants to pull up on things and desperately tries to.  It's just a matter of weeks... she's close!

What are you thankful for?  If you have a Thankful Thursday blog post, feel free to leave a link to your blog in my comments section.

PS. The 30 Day Blog Challenge is open until the end of the year.  Check it out and link up if you want to join.


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Slow Down!

You know those people that always have to have something to do?  They thrive on having a busy schedule, a never ending to-do list, and a daily planner that looks like the flight schedule at JFK (delays and all)? 

I'm one of those people.

I try to soak up and enjoy every detail of this crazy schedule to justify constantly being busy.  Even though most everything on said schedule isn't completely necessary, it's always staring me in the face saying "I'm next!" "Don't forget me!" "Look over here, another item to add to the list!"

I think God knew (duh!) what he was doing when he put Lillian in our lives.  She needs a schedule. A very structured schedule.  She needs someone who can keep up with her schedule, and frankly, someone that enjoys the craziness.  Otherwise, anyone else would go... crazy!

I also realize how ironic it is that someone like me was given someone like Lillian to love.  She is sloooooow. She may have a busy schedule, but she also takes her time.  Every time. It's nothing new to say she's a tad bit slower than others her age with milestones.  I hesitate to say "delayed" because frankly I don't think she's delayed, I just think she's slow.  And you know what?  IT'S GREAT

Nothing slips by us. We get to soak up E-V-E-R-Y single thing she does because she takes her time doing it.  She learns every step and masters it before even thinking about starting the next.

I could really learn something from her in the area of patience.

This past weekend we took some time to enjoy the weather.  When Lillian was just a wee babe we took her to her first public place - a winery.  (Don't judge, it's one of the most beautiful places in town).  It was so much fun having this second experience with her there.  So different than the first time.  So happy and worry free.

(Except for her crazy oral fixation... lol)
"Lillian! Don't lick the dog!"

Enjoying her first apple slice

Among the mums

 Throwback to last year's among the mums

With Dad on the rock

Throwback to last year with Dad on the rock

Now back to our regularly crazy busy scheduled activities....


New Product New Name!

Since Bloomingdales decided to play the big bad guy and scare me out of the name Lil' Bloomies, I've now started using Facebook to promote my new line Lily & Rose. 

You can "like" Lily & Rose at www.facebook.com/LilyandRose and check out the adorable new fall items!

I'm thinking Lillian will wear this one for Thanksgiving

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This week

Yesterday Lillian had her 12 month appointment and we got to see her favorite pediatrician.  We absolutely love Dr. Franklin and all of her staff.  Honestly I wish we could see her more than we do.  Unfortunately she had to get some vaccinations and after her appointment she was running a fever :(.

Then today, oh man today... she had her g-tube taken out.  I say "taken" loosely here because YANKED out describes it better.  Poor little nugget.

She's napping now, but I'll admit I'm a little scared to see how much it has leaked since she's napping on her belly.

Aside from being tortured having back to back doctors appointments this week, we've been enjoying the fall.  Especially the cooler weather.

I love my Keurig.  I love it even more since this little discovery.  It's like drinking fall.
I can't get enough of these boots.  You can find them here.

Stripes, hearts, flowers, skinny jeans, hat?!

A rare moment of interest in the little human.

A little around 40 seconds you can hear her adorable voice.  Ignore mine :).

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Changed the blog.  It was a little too "busy" before and this is much more my style.  Hopefully it loads faster without so many images as well!

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