Playing Catch Up

The past week or so has been so busy.  We had a few Halloween parties, Running for Lillian was last Sunday, Lillian has been a HORRIBLE napper this week, she had a had a sleep study that was traumatizing, trying to build inventory for Lily & Rose, etc. 

So blogging took a back seat.

First the sleep study - It was awful as usual.  Every time she has a sleep study it takes about 10 years off my life. They put leads all over her head, wrap her up like a mummy, shove a bunch of crap in her nose to monitor her breathing, and expect her to sleep.  It's the dumbest thing I've ever seen, but necessary for her to stay on growth hormone injections, so we do it.

Halloween - can you guess who we are?

Running for Lillian - What can I say?  This probably deserves a whole post in itself.  I love the girls so much for doing something so thoughtful for Lillian and the others with PWS. It warms my heart to know that Lillian has touched so many people.  We wanted so badly to be there to cheer them on!  I wish it would have been a possibility, but traveling by myself with Lillian or leaving her at home without me just wasn't an option.

Maybe we'll do it again next year?!  I hope so.

And lastly - I've started making ladies headbands!  They haven't been posted to the facebook page because I'm trying to build inventory for the next 2 shows this month, and I've already got orders placed from others.

Here are some pictures of the latest creations

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