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You know how they say when your baby is working on motor skills, the speech skills take a back seat, or vise versa?  Well, leave it to Lillian to NOT do things that way.

Lately her new skills are:

Point to her mouth, ears, hair, belly
Cruise around all the furniture including around corners and from one piece of furniture to another
Point in a book to a dog, car, shoes, fish, cat
Sign dog, more, eat, milk, please
Walk up to 22 steps holding onto both my hands
Take one step independently
Say mama and no (usually it's just Ma, but she's starting to actually add the second syllable)

So clearly she's had a boost in her motor and speech.  She's already 18 months old *tear* so I know this isn't amazing to most people, but it's major major progress for us.  I'm very happy for her and really hope that we don't hit any plateaus while we're on this milestone kick.


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