Thankful Thursday

I'm so thankful for my friends.  Because of them we've reached our goal for Running for Lillian!  In fact, last I checked we were over the $5,000 goal.  It's all because of them.  Whether it was through donation, spreading the word, posting our RFL link and picture on their blog, putting it in their Facebook status, encouraging us to do it in the first place, they showed us so much support and it makes my heart swell. 

If it's taught me one thing, other than kindness, compassion, and love, it's taught me to pay it forward.  There are so many ways to help out when someone needs it and every little bit helps.  It truly helps.  It's the small things that make a big impact and turn into big things. Don't ever think just because what you can offer is small it's not worth it.  Even a pat on the back, a hug, a short message, a letter of encouragement can change a person's day and possibly change a life.


I'm so thankful for my amazing family.  Even though we have our moments, we ALWAYS forgive each other.  We don't hold grudges, and we are there for each other no matter what.  I love that about my family.  I'm not saying I forget when someone has hurt me, but we talk about it, deal with it, and move on.

My family doesn't know about this blog (at least I don't think they do) because I like to leave the option open to speak freely without being shy or worry them with my thoughts.  But if they do stumble upon this blog, or happen to read it without my knowledge, here's a little shout out of love to them :).  And just because I love you doesn't mean I don't sometimes think you're all a little crazy.  But I'm even thankful for your crazy.

(After writing this post I realized that 1 year ago today I received the most devastating news of my life.  You were there for me through all of that and showed me what it was like to love unconditionally.  Thank you for teaching me to step and take life as it comes)

This picture is probably 6 years old. (In order: My aunt, sister, me, grandma, mom)

I'm thankful for the fall and for apples.  Because Lillian's love of apples and the inability to actually eat one keeps her busy for hours.  And it's just so darn cute.

I'm thankful I have time to write this post.  We've been busy this week with the usual therapy/nap/eat/play schedule.  But this week has been really peaceful.  I'm starting to think about PWS less (at least in some forms) and more about how normal my child really is. Usually the term normal makes me cringe in disgust for the word, but that's how I'm feeling.  Normal.  And it feels good. 

Lillian has started throwing little fits when we take something from her.  She's developing independence that keeps me on my toes.  She's getting into E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G and she's mimicking some things we do, like laugh (she loves to get a room full of people laughing) and bang on things.  No words yet, but I'm not stressing it.  She wants to pull up on things and desperately tries to.  It's just a matter of weeks... she's close!

What are you thankful for?  If you have a Thankful Thursday blog post, feel free to leave a link to your blog in my comments section.

PS. The 30 Day Blog Challenge is open until the end of the year.  Check it out and link up if you want to join.


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