SO busy

Today we had a lot going on. I purchased a Toshiba laptop, hopefully it will be ready to pick up tomorrow. They're doing something with it (I don't know all the details) that will take until tomorrow and then I'll finally have a working computer.

Lillian has been great since her teething pain has gone. She's such a happy baby and makes me smile all day. Even when she's being a stinker I can't help but laugh about her big personality. She's doing this funny thing lately where she wraps her arms around our necks and squeezes while she tries to "kiss" your face off. It's more of a shove-your-face-in-her-mouth type of kiss, but we love it.

Today we went to a 31 party open house and managed to buy some Christmas presents! Can't believe we're already Christmas shopping, but with a baby it's better to do what you can when you can. While the weather is nice and there's no flu going around, we're going to do as much as possible!

We are REALLY looking forward to our trip to DC in a few weeks. I'm especially looking forward to meeting all the other kids with PWS and their amazing parents. Lillian's going to be in the daycare with the other babies and I can't wait to see how much fun she has. But I'll also admit that I wish I could keep her with me during the seminar. We'll have to sneak off to see her during lunch.

Anyone have any suggestions for sight seeing in DC? Anything we absolutely should not miss? I'm all for suggestions!


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