Feeling Gross

Today is the first day I really feel sick. The past couple days I've gotten a little light headed when hungry, but this is just awful. To start the day off, i had to drive to work on icy roads. Got here safely and started brewing coffee.

Aversion #1 - Hazelnut Coffee. I thought this stuff made me sick before pregnancy! Now it takes all of my strength not to hurl just smelling the coffee beans. So grinding the beans and brewing the ground beans only makes it worse. *Note to self - hide hazelnut coffee.

Aversion #2 - Mens Cologne. Seriously, is it necessary to spray yourself with so much cologne that you smell like a cheap whore? No. Cologne is meant for the people that get close to you, not the people across the room.

Aversion #3 - Stale Cigarette Smoke. Is it too much to ask for you to chew some gum? Maybe wash your hands? Yes it's addictive, but don't make other people suffer because you like to smell like dried up tires on a hot day.

So aside from the nasty smells of everyday nuisances, I absolutely love being pregnant. The first appointment is on January 20th and that date just couldn't come soon enough!! Phil made dinner again last night. He made his "World Famous Chicken Wraps" and they were really good! Lots of green peppers and red peppers with grilled chicken breast wrapped in a tortilla with melted colby jack cheese. He puts spinach leaves and caesar dressing on his, but I ate mine without and enjoyed every bite :) THANK YOU PHIL.


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