D-A-D Funny

Wow, 2 blog posts in one week!  You'd think I'm just sitting around on my couch waiting for my water to break or something... Oh that's right, I am.

Lillian has decided to go back to 2 naps a day which is A-OK with me.  Momma needs a break, and a donut, and some coffee.  And some peace and quiet.  And to NOT be climbed all over thankyouverymuch.  I love my girl and her rough housing but I'm huge and exhausted and just need a wee break in the day.  We're still trying to keep our regularly scheduled activities of PT/OT/ST and trips to the pool and splash pad.  It's not easy though.

So for a while Lillian had this really cute thing she would do.  I would say "Lillian, say CHEESE" and she would give me this hilarious wide open mouth "smile".  It was adorable.  So adorable that I thought, this could turn into a great gift idea for Father's Day!  A friend of mine posted a photo like this on Pinterest....

Super cute, right?  I thought so.

"Hey Lillian, say CHEESE!"

"Lillian, please say CHEESE!"

"Lillian, this is a gift for Daddy.  You love Daddy.  He's your favorite.  "CHEESE" please!"


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  1. lol! I'm laughing out loud at that first picture! too funny! Yay for two naps...hopefully baby will come soon!



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