My Weekend in Labor and Delivery

I had light spotting Saturday morning around 6am so I called the doctor and he sent me to the hospital. The nurse that saw us first searched for the heartbeat, and after trying and trying to get the heart beat with the stupid f'n machine she was using (which apparently had poor batteries) she finally found a strong heartbeat with a second machine.

My doctor came in and did an internal exam to see if he could find the source of the bleeding. My cervix was still closed so he sent me for an ultrasound. We spent an hour looking at our baby and measuring all her organs and everything else they do in the ultrasound.

The results came back and showed that I had low ambiotic fluid. (This has nothing to do with the bleeding) They kept me in the hospital all day and night Saturday to monitor my fluids. Sunday morning we had another ultrasound and nothing has changed. The doctor said that my ambiotic fluid is in the 2nd percentile (?) whatever that means. Their main concern now is that my blood isn't pumping through the ambilical cord at a rate that is getting enough fluid to the baby.

They sent me home at 4pm after doing a bunch of bloodwork and put me on bedrest. I'm supposed to see a high risk OB sometime this week and they will do another ultrasound to check the bloodflow to the baby.

PLEASE keep us in your prayers. There isn't much I can do but lay here and hope it fixes itself.


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