Holy Exhausting Month!

Y'all... I.am.so.tired.

This month has been CRAZY busy!  As if you can't tell.  You know when I only have time to do short Wednesday updates that there's something big going on.  I wish I could say that things are going to calm down soon, but they're not.  Because on top of being crazy busy I've also been crazy procrastinating on the baby front. 

So what have we been up to?  Oh, just a little trip to St. Louis to hang out with some awesome friends and their sweet husbands and babies! We had a great time at the Magic House and the St. Louis Zoo.  Really, if you ever get a chance to go to that zoo, GO!  It's amazing and beautiful and so well taken care of.  We loved it and will certainly be back.

(You may recognize some of these ladies and babies from other fabulous blogs that can be found in my blog roll!)

After our super fun trip we spent the week trying to recuperate from colds.  Lillian's was really bad and we had a trip to the ER, followed by another trip to the doctor, antibiotics, steroids, breathing treatments every 3 hours, etc.  She still has a bit of a cough, but thank goodness it seems the worst part is over.  We still managed to have a great Easter weekend and she's really starting to walk well in her orthotics.  She can take about 5 steps and then topples over, but at least we're moving in the right direction!  She rocked her orthotics and airwalks in her Easter dresses :).

The only shot of her "in action" walking

Aren't they cute?  We love having cousins the same age.

And you know that stage in pregnancy where you realize "wow, I'm huge" ?  I've definitely reached that point.  It's so surreal.  Yesterday was the first day I stooped down to pick Lillian up and then realized my legs couldn't straighten and there was no "up" happening.  I had to set her back down, stand up, and schlop her up to my hip while half grunting and smiling embarrassed that people could see me in all my whale-ness glory.  Yep.  I'm there.  And you can tell in this photo Phil took on Easter:

 And last but not least, I've been SUPER busy creating accessories for Lily & Rose.  Today was my first spring craft show and maybe my last!  Who knew that just sitting at a booth for 8 hours could be so exhausting?  Usually I have a blast at these shows, but my cheeks are sore from smiling all day, my back is on fire from loading/unloading everything, and lets face it - I had to pee every hour and just wanted to stuff my face with the hot dogs and hamburgers they were serving.  Maybe I should stick to online sales until this baby makes an appearance? 

These were a huge hit today, along with the wipes cases you can find here

Oh, and tomorrow?  Tomorrow is my first ever trip to Ikea.  Do you think they'll have a wheel chair I could borrow?  This Ikea trip may be a bad idea, but as long as I come home with a few things to finish Lillian's "big girl" room it will be worth it.

And there still ONE HUGE GIANT thing we've been working on this month - but I can't say what it is until it's final.  It's that huge. ;-).

Oh yeah, and we ended the day doing this.....

Yep, that's dirt in her mouth :)  oy vey


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