Woah Grandma!

I LOOOVE my grandmother! Yesterday I spent all day with her in Indianapolis and oh. my. goodness. can that woman shop! We started out at BuyBuyBaby, then went to Lowes, then lunch at MCL (um, delish!), then BRU, then Macy's and finally Von Myer (sp?).

I had no idea we would be gone for 7 hours, but so much was accomplished. I was able to get Lillian's Pack and Play, changing pad, gates for the stairway, and several little outfits. Her great-grandmother spoiled her with clothes and books and an adorable little swimsuit. I hope Lillian gets to spend lots of time with her g-grandma, and hopefully keep up with her better than I did yesterday!

Saturday is the baby shower and I'm so excited to see my family and eat lots of yummy food. Lillian has been very active and she's getting to be pretty heavy. Last night I was looking at my belly in the mirror and could see a dent where her little body was laying. I'm just so smitten for her.


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