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Now that I'm about 10 months in to this mommy thing, I've definitely started to favor some products.  I always love to see what everyone else is enjoying so here's a list of some of mine. (Click on the linkys for more info, and no, I'm not getting compensated for this!)

Kiwi Magazine - I might not be the most eco-friendly "green" momma around, but we do cloth diaper, feed Lillian organic foods, and TRY to keep things as natural as possible.  I love this magazine because the articles relate to the things I'm curious about and they also have some really yummy recipes listed.

Yobaby yogurt - Ok, so maybe this is one of Lillian's favorites, but that makes it my favorite too :).  She absolutely loves this yogurt.  I typically buy the plain kind and then either give it to her plain or mix in some pureed fruits and/or vegetables.  She seriously loves this stuff. I even get the mmmmmm yummm noises from her when she eats it!  Plus it's loaded with protein, low on sugar, and it's generally healthy.
Little Tikes 5-in-1 adjustable gym- This thing is awesome.  I wish I would have gotten it sooner, because you can use it all the way from infant to 36 months.  Lillian pushes the buttons and then claps to herself when they make the noise.  She can even sit on the little bench and "finger paint" (with veggie purees) on the easel. It gets two mommy thumbs up! (click through all the pics on the link to see what all you can use the toy for)

Naps - OK so that's not a product, but it makes my list of favorite things.  Lillian's currently napping in her crib while I watch her on the monitor and catch up on blogging while doing the laundry and eating lunch... ahhhh, multi-tasking at it's finest.

Happy Baby baby food - We can't always have homemade baby food on hand.  We do a lot of running around and sometimes I just need to throw a few Happy Baby puree packets into the bag and go.  I also LOOOOVE their yogurt melts.  For a baby that's learning to chew they are fantabulous. They melt faster than puffs, they're organic, healthy, and really tasty.  I've been known to eat a few. (They also have organic puffs, we use the green puffs that are made with spinach and kale.  Lillian enjoys chewing on those too)

Clip on battery operated fans - It's currently 90+ degrees outside and so humid you could drink the air with a straw. It's been like that all summer long. My child doesn't over heat because we have about 5 of these things.  We clip them to her stroller, car seat, picnic table, swings, anywhere we're outside.  Because of PWS she has a hard time regulating her body temperature, and these have really saved us from being cooped up inside all summer. (I got mine at CVS for $5 each)

Boogie Wipes - Oh do I love Boogie Wipes.  We use them to wipe the gunk out of her eyes, the crusty milk off her face, avocado off her hands, and just about anything else.  These wipes are made with a natural saline solution with vitamin E and aloe added in so they are soft on their skin and don't irritate the eyes. They tend to be pretty expensive, but I've found them at Sam's Club for $4.99 a 4 pack (almost the same price as 1 pack at the grocery store).  Lillian really likes them too.  My kid is strange in the fact that she LIKES to have her face wiped off...
Rubbermaid Juice Box - We don't give Lillian juice, but since she hasn't mastered the sippy cup, this thing has really been great.  She already knows how to suck on the straw, and all it takes is a tiny squeeze to push the water or formula up the straw and into her mouth if she needs some help getting it started.  She prefers it to her bottle.  The down side is it can be a little messy at times, but what isn't messy with a 10 month old baby?!

Kashi GOLEAN Crunchy! Bars - According to the package these bars are designed for optimized glycemic response with slow release carbs, and protein and fiber to keep you satisfied.  I like them because they're so tasty.  Feeding Lillian takes SO much time, and when we're on the go I would rather eat one of these to keep myself satisfied than become hangry (hungry+angry). I also buy these at Sam's club in a giant variety pack.

Lillian's waking up now and it's time for us to get out of the house and enjoy some sunshine.  You might have noticed my blog looks a lot different now.  It's a HUGE pain in the butt for me to change/fix, so if anyone wants to practice their skills on making a blog header... let me know ;-).  You can practice on mine!
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Yeah, so it's been one of those months where I'm like, oh wait a minute, I have a blog! ::slaps forehead::

Of course I didn't really forget that I have a blog, but we've been so insanely busy that every week that goes by without a blog entry I dread how much I have to catch up on.  So in short - we were really busy.

But we did do a little bit of this -

4th of July Parade on vacation in Flagstaff, AZ

A side trip to the Grand Canyon

A family camping trip in Indiana to celebrate Father's Day and Phil's Birthday
Hanging out with cousins

A couple weddings and receptions

And a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo with the ladies and babies from Transatlantic Blonde and Mookitten

Oh, and we also celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary.  It's been a great time getting to travel and celebrate weddings/birthdays/anniversaries with everyone.  We're happy to be home now and back to our regularly scheduled program.

I've also managed to have 3 weeks of meeting with a therapist to get some things off my chest (in between traveling).  Mainly just talking about the changes we've had to go through with Lillian's special needs... the anxiety that comes with her future having PWS.  It's been nice talking to someone that really seems to "get it".  The therapist I see has also had some interesting things happen in her life that somehow help her understand what we're going through.  It's really been a blessing. 

Lillian is really doing great.  Her energy is picking up and she gets stronger every day.  She's learned to blow raspberries and says dadada more regularly now.  She's such a joy in our lives! 

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