HDBD: 25 Weeks

*How far along?: 25 Weeks

*Total weight gain: Probably about 10lbs

*How big is baby?: The size of a rutabaga

*Sleep?: I wake up every morning with a sore back :(.  Not quite sure how to fix that, I'm already maxed out on pillows.

*Best moment this week?: Feeling him move above my belly button.  I can't believe how big he is!

*Movement?: Yep. A lot.

*Food cravings?: Juice... STILL.  And Spicy Italian anything

*Labor signs?: Nope.

*Belly button in or out?:  Still in!

*What I miss:  Not aching

*What I'm looking forward to:  Crap! Every week I see this question and realize how far behind I am on EVERYTHING.  ugh.


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