Yeah, so it's been one of those months where I'm like, oh wait a minute, I have a blog! ::slaps forehead::

Of course I didn't really forget that I have a blog, but we've been so insanely busy that every week that goes by without a blog entry I dread how much I have to catch up on.  So in short - we were really busy.

But we did do a little bit of this -

4th of July Parade on vacation in Flagstaff, AZ

A side trip to the Grand Canyon

A family camping trip in Indiana to celebrate Father's Day and Phil's Birthday
Hanging out with cousins

A couple weddings and receptions

And a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo with the ladies and babies from Transatlantic Blonde and Mookitten

Oh, and we also celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary.  It's been a great time getting to travel and celebrate weddings/birthdays/anniversaries with everyone.  We're happy to be home now and back to our regularly scheduled program.

I've also managed to have 3 weeks of meeting with a therapist to get some things off my chest (in between traveling).  Mainly just talking about the changes we've had to go through with Lillian's special needs... the anxiety that comes with her future having PWS.  It's been nice talking to someone that really seems to "get it".  The therapist I see has also had some interesting things happen in her life that somehow help her understand what we're going through.  It's really been a blessing. 

Lillian is really doing great.  Her energy is picking up and she gets stronger every day.  She's learned to blow raspberries and says dadada more regularly now.  She's such a joy in our lives! 

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