Slow Down!

You know those people that always have to have something to do?  They thrive on having a busy schedule, a never ending to-do list, and a daily planner that looks like the flight schedule at JFK (delays and all)? 

I'm one of those people.

I try to soak up and enjoy every detail of this crazy schedule to justify constantly being busy.  Even though most everything on said schedule isn't completely necessary, it's always staring me in the face saying "I'm next!" "Don't forget me!" "Look over here, another item to add to the list!"

I think God knew (duh!) what he was doing when he put Lillian in our lives.  She needs a schedule. A very structured schedule.  She needs someone who can keep up with her schedule, and frankly, someone that enjoys the craziness.  Otherwise, anyone else would go... crazy!

I also realize how ironic it is that someone like me was given someone like Lillian to love.  She is sloooooow. She may have a busy schedule, but she also takes her time.  Every time. It's nothing new to say she's a tad bit slower than others her age with milestones.  I hesitate to say "delayed" because frankly I don't think she's delayed, I just think she's slow.  And you know what?  IT'S GREAT

Nothing slips by us. We get to soak up E-V-E-R-Y single thing she does because she takes her time doing it.  She learns every step and masters it before even thinking about starting the next.

I could really learn something from her in the area of patience.

This past weekend we took some time to enjoy the weather.  When Lillian was just a wee babe we took her to her first public place - a winery.  (Don't judge, it's one of the most beautiful places in town).  It was so much fun having this second experience with her there.  So different than the first time.  So happy and worry free.

(Except for her crazy oral fixation... lol)
"Lillian! Don't lick the dog!"

Enjoying her first apple slice

Among the mums

 Throwback to last year's among the mums

With Dad on the rock

Throwback to last year with Dad on the rock

Now back to our regularly crazy busy scheduled activities....


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