The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem

The second step is justifying it with the prices you paid!

$80 = 21 items of clothing (including one snow suit that was $4 SCORE!) thanks to clearance racks at Target/Kohls.  

I know most women ooooo and aaaaahhhhh over little girls clothes and accessories, but I'm the complete opposite.  I LOVE little boys clothes!  The little ties!  The plaid!  The collared shirts!  SWOON.

I melt.


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  1. I have to admit that sometimes I really want to buy boy pajamas for Liv. They are so much cuter! And I get sick of pink puking on all girl's pj's.

  2. Boy stuff is so much fun! I have a blast shopping for Luke, especially when I get to look for dressier things for Easter and Christmas. Welcome to the world of plaid, collars, and overalls!

  3. So much fun shopping for baby! :) I admit, boy clothes are fun, but so are girl clothes (my daughter wouldn't be happy if I didn't include that!) ;) Hello! Congrats! Your newest follower & fellow Hoosier bloggy mom! ~ Jamie



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