Made by You Monday

I've decided to start doing Made by You Mondays because crafting has been great therapy for me.  Maybe this will add a little more motivation to take the time to do it more often! (Hello, therapy #1 meet therapy #2)  Check out Skip to my Lou's blog by clicking on the button.  She has some really cute hand made gift ideas there.
Lately I've been obsessed with making wipes cases for all of my friends.  I'm in the middle of making about 5 more, so it won't be the last time you see these! (Plus, there should be an Etsy store opening soon and you better believe these will be there!)

Wipes Case #1

Wipes Case #2 (Pink with bumble bees and blue ribbon)

Wipes Case #3 (my first, and my own personal wc)

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  1. I am digging that first one! You are getting so good at it!

  2. Thanks K-bar! I made that one for my sister. It's been so much fun creating them with people in mind and matching them to their styles.

  3. I still havent gotten around to making one yet. I may since I have some extra time on my hands. Do you mind terribly if I "borrow" the made by you mondays every once in awhile?

  4. Of course I don't mind Mandee! I'll be stopping by ever Monday to check out your latest creations :)



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