Baby Food Makin' Adventures

This week I finally decided to jump into the fun exciting world of Baby Food Makin'!  (Funny what the terms "fun" and "exciting" apply to these days...)  So, I packed Lillian in the car and headed down to our local Co-op/organic grocery store, Bloomingfoods.  I forgot to make a list before going, and of course, as soon as we get there I spent what seemed like forever standing in front of the fresh veggies in all their vibrant green and orange glory trying to decide what in the world would be tasty pureed.  All of the sudden all of the ideas I had in my mind were lost, and the big blank canvas took over my brain.  (I'm blaming lack of breakfast and lunch on this one, but "mommy brain" has officially taken residence in our household lately.)

So what does a new mom do in this predicament?  Wonder over to the baby food aisle!  Ah, the inspirations are all coming back to flood the blank canvas up there. Squash? check. Carrots? check. Bananas? maybe. Peas? oh yeah!  I spin the cart around now armed with a plan and a sleeping baby (seriously, couldn't she wait to nap at home?!).  Head back to the fresh moisture kissed delicious organic vegetables and snatch up what seems like a great variety for my Lil' Bitty to enjoy. 

Is it just me, or does making your own baby food feel so empowering?

(Don't judge my paper bag. I also forgot our reusables...)
Yummy Nutrient Filled Goodness

Armed with recipes and instructions from http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com/, a sleeping baby, and my trusty Beaba Babycook, I start rinsing, peeling, and chopping away!  You can't go wrong with carrots in my opinion, so that's where this adventure started. And can I just say, using the Beaba Baby cook is so darn easy it almost feels like cheating.

chop chop chop

Word of advice here - DON'T MAKE YOUR OWN PEAS FROM PODS.  All of those peas, plus doing this with every pod...
only equaled this pathetic amount of peas
That's not even enough for the blades to puree!  Major disappointment with the peas that night.  So take my advice and buy them already out of their pods and frozen.  Lesson learned the hard way.  On to the rest...

The Beaba working it's magic on zucchini
The clean up was easy peasy
(From left to right: carrots, zucchini, avocado, and summer squash)

Most of the finished product fit in this tray, but some of the avocado (and all of the peas) went right to the fridge for filling Lillian's belly for the next three days. I didn't get around to the eggplant because all of the rinsing, peeling, chopping, steaming, pureeing was done after 11pm, but it will get pureed this evening and placed in an ice cube tray for later enjoyment :).
Lillian has really been enjoying the avocado this week.  We had quite a bit that I didn't freeze and some of it got mixed up with some mashed bananas.  Avocado + mashed bananas = holy mashed up goodness!  It's delicious and to prove it I give you this....

Mom that is so good!
nom nom nom

And how embarrassing is this? Yes, I'm ashamed to say those are cut off.  I think it's time for new jammahs.

I would love to hear of other recipes or suggestions, so if you have some baby food makin' knowledge to share, please leave me a comment!(But no making fun of those pjs, we're going to buy more today :-P)
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  1. I'm going to have to get one of those baby food makers when the time comes!

    You have a little surprise on my blog! Come check it out!

  2. LOL at the PJs!

    I am so excited that my friends are all trying this before me so I can learn what to do before I start!

    Question, what tray is that? Is it a special one?

  3. k-bar, i think that one comes with the babycook (sarah?) but i just use regular old ice cube trays. let them set, then pop out and store in freezer bags.

    it really is easy. it's funny that suddenly everyone is blogging about this right now. way to be crunchy, ladies!

  4. Kbar, I bought the tray at buybuybaby. I think the brand was peapod but I'll double check and let you know. Its specifically made to withstand high temperatures from the puree and also low freezing temps. Its really flexible too so its great for popping out the cubes!

    Mel,I didn't realize there were other blogs posting the same thing now, I'll have to check those out for more ideas!

  5. That's awesome, I'm dying to get one of those Babycooks for LO (you know, after she's born and starts eating solids and all...) :-)

  6. oops! The tray brand is not called peapod, it's called Green Sprouts.

  7. Liv LOVES bananacado!!! Its her all-time favorite. And what is the magnificent contraption you are using??? What does it do? I have made Liv's babyfood since she was 4 months old and I followed the wholesome baby food website also. Its amazing and gave me all of my ideas. I also bought a foodmill to be able to mash up food quickly...like the amazing banancado. It was a munchkin brand and only $7!

  8. Great work! I get really creative these days with my purees. Luke has enjoyed peaches and cherries, pineapple mango chicken, zucchini/peas/carrots, raspberry/peach/mango, etc. I just throw a bunch of stuff together. Happy cooking!

  9. Can I ask why you didn't just steam up the pods too? I have the Beaba (que heavenly angels singing) and we made steamed and pureed peas in the pods. Just curious, my son loved them!

  10. I read somewhere that the pods would make the puree more grainy and thick, and since we're just on stage 1 foods, and Lillian still takes most of her nutrients through her g-tube... I didn't want to risk feeding her something that might cause her to choke. I guess I could have kept adding water to thin it out, but then it would taste really bland. Which is why we didn't make green beans either :).

  11. Great Job Sarah, isn't that beaba the best invention in baby feeding ever? Question, We haven't gotten to peas yet. How did you strain them or did you not waste the time doing it and just super blend them?

  12. awesome job! you are doing a great thing by making such healthy & delicious food for your lil one. She looks like she enjoyed it, too! :)

  13. Hey there... New follower here. Just ran across your blog from who knows where. Just one of those blog hopping days.

    Anywho, I too LOVE making my baby his food. You're right. It makes you feel very empowering.

    I have a blog that I feature mom advice on and would love to feature this post if you are interested. It's fun!




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