39 Weeks

Telling Maisie to talk her cousin out of my belly:

Maisie sending her left over labor vibes:

*How far along?: 39 Weeks

*Total weight gain: Still 18lbs from pre-pregnancy weight

*How big is baby?: Around 7lbs -7.5lbs hopefully

*Maternity clothes?: I'm mainly in pjs and maternity clothes

*Sleep?: It happens.

*Best moment this week?: Celebrating Labor Day at our neighborhood cookout.

*Movement?: Not so much. She moves, but the space is tight.

*Food cravings?: Mainly just craving drinks; Apple Cider, water, lemonade, tea, coffee, etc.

*Labor signs?: I have some twinges and aches, but no real signs that I know of (unless being impatient, exhausted, and irritable are labor signs...)

*Belly button in or out?: Still the same.

*What I miss: My body just being mine.

*What I'm looking forward to: Our 40 week Dr. appointment is tomorrow and hopefully I'll get some good news.

*Milestone: Every day feels like one big. giant. milestone.

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