Things I Don't Want to Forget Thursday

I should probably start out by saying I don't want to forget this blog!  The kids have been such a joy this past year, I've really soaked up every minute (even the moments that have NOT been joyful).  But overall I do think that 2012 has been the best year of my life.

I don't want to forget how excited Lillian gets when she finds out she's going to ride the bus to school in the morning.  Or how she yelled "WOAH!" louder than I've ever heard her the first time she rode her therapy horse, Cody.  I don't want to forget how she runs towards the door if I tell her it's time to ride Cody, or see Grandma, or anything she's excited about.  I never pictured her running until it actually happened!

I don't want to forget how Eric lays his head on my shoulder when I carry him up to his bedroom just before naps and bedtime.  I try to soak up that time with his head nestled next to mine, giving his tired body an extra tight hug before laying him down.  I don't want to forget how he says "uh oh" any time we ask him "Where did ____ go?"  Or how he likes to pretend to sweep the floors with the broom that is twice his size.

There are so many little expressions and excitements I don't want to forget.  This has been such an enjoyable time with Lillian starting preschool and Eric becoming a toddler!  Their personalities are really blossoming.  And it's so nice to finally live our lives rather than spend each day waiting for therapists and sitting in doctor offices, although we still deal with the occasional orthopedist appointment for her scoliosis. 

I hear a boy waking up from his nap and see a sister trying to empty the much loved ballerina bandaids from their box. 



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  1. I'm so glad you're having a great year Sare and I'm also really glad that you updated this blog. I love hearing how your kiddos are doing.

  2. Sarah its so nice to hear things are going good for you and your family! Ive been reading your blog since my daughter Ryder was diagnosed with PWS at about 6 weeks old. Born Feb 8, 2012 at 6 pounds 3 oz. Lots of things you've wrote about Lillian has helped me with her. I have so many questions I really dont know where to start but one of my main questions is about the Growth Hormone. I live in NC and have her at Breners Children's Hospital where we currently see the Endocrinolgist. She was dismissed from the neurology dept because they couldnt find any reason to keep her there. Hince no seizures. She has not yet been put on the growth hormone yet as the Dr. says the first year they do produce it and after that is when she would get it. Around 15 months. She is 8 months old and doing well, rolls, eats with a spoon, bottle fed since birth however a few adjustments made to keep her eating. She gets PT 1x every 2 weeks which she hates and has currently started play therapy weekly. She is not a noisy baby at all and we are trying to get things going on speech with the play therapy, or that is what they tell me. Gosh I have so much going on in my brain about this, anyways, what can I do as her mother to make sure she is where she needs to be with growth hormone, I dont want her to not get it till 15 months old if it is going to delay her farther. With Lillian what has helped the most as far as supplements and such? My name is Lindsay 29 years old with a little boy Ryker 2yrs old and Ryder 8 months old. Any information would help a bunch like I said Lillian reminds me so much of her and everything really right down to the labor and delivery. I would love to send some pics of her so you could see. My email is kaylalatkins@gmail.com, thanks Sarah



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