Why I've Slacked

Why have I slacked with blogging in December?

1. Morning All day sickness.  Every day. 
2. Falling asleep at 7pm every night
3. Appointments:  OB, Ped, Dev. Ped, Radiology, PT, OT, ST, etc
4. Lillian's newest diagnosis, scoliosis.  Joy.
5. The holidays
6. OB couldn't find the baby's heartbeat at my 10 week appointment (no worries, I'm pretty sure it's alive in there and is letting me know every day by inducing nausea, fatigue, and a growing waste line )
7. Sick dog
8. Dead dog :(   (so freaking sad. she's been with me for 10 years.. I hate cancer)

So there.  Happy New Year.

And a picture of my dog during happier times...

And Lillian's Second Christmas

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  1. I'm sorry you had a stressful holiday. It sounds like you were really put through the ringer. Hang in there. Here's to 2011! Right?! :) HUGS!

  2. I'm so sorry about your dog. Animals are such a wonderful part of our families. Thinking of you and sending you good thoughts.
    I have to say - I think Lillian looks beautiful in her holiday outfit. I love the tutu and the shoe/socks.

  3. That picture of your dog is beautiful. I'm sorry for your loss.

  4. Just found your blog on TMB! I love it! Lillian is adorable and sweet! Congrats on #2 growing in your belly, sorry you have allday sickness! What a pain!! I am also a mommy of 2 under 2, we also told our friends and family last Christmas of our newest addition who we just had this past August!! CONGRATS again...I look fwd to following you!!

    Also, I am so sorry about the loss your beloved doggie, that really sucks!!


  5. That's a lot to deal with, Sarah. :( I'm pissed for you guys about a number of those things. How did they find the scoliosis? Exam? X-ray? And sorry about your doggie. :(

  6. Congratualtions, Sarah, on your pregnancy:) Sad things happen that way, don't they? I wish the bad things would happen one at a time...:) It WILL get better. You will leave these early, difficult years behind. My son is now 7, did not walk until 3, ran 6 months later, and is a ball of fire some days! He could only move his eyes when he was born---to me, his current abilities are God's miracle.:)

  7. All valid reasons for slacking. I miss you.

  8. Today i read your entire blog from start to finish. I was thinking that my newborn had PWS also but am still not sure... he has the physical characteristics associated with it but breastfeeds well and seems strong to me. I cant stop obsessing over this but feel ridiculous bc I may be losing my mind... his eyes are almond shaped and his face narrower at the temples, thin upper lip and mouth points downward. his testicles are where they are supposed to be and his hands and feet do not seem small to me he has a strong cry but doesnt cry often he is only awake 5 or 6 hr. a day and sleeps very heavy and when he sleeps breathes heavy but he can lift his head up and hold it pretty steady for several seconds. he is 4 weeks old today. do u have an opinion? i know you arent a doctor but u do know so much about PWS... also he was 6 lbs 4oz 19 in at birth and now weighs 9 lbs but idk his height. plz email me if u can find time courtney_blue_cheer@hotmail.com thank u!!



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