Reason #135212344 why Pinterest Rocks

Because it provides inspiration for adorable things like this:

And ridiculously easy smell good stuff like this:

And yummy food like this:

and this:

And for inspiring photos like this (oh hey, it's my 40weeks 4 days belly!)
I took this photo on my kitchen floor with the auto timer while Lillian ate lunch :-).

If you don't pinterest, you are totally missing out.  If anyone needs an invitation, I just need an email address and I'll send you one!  You won't regret it! 

Here are a few pins I have pinned to my boards just waiting to be used!


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  1. I just joined Pinterest and I am officially obsessed. You look great by the way. I know you from the bump. I had my daughter in Aug 09 and went through the boards with you. I just had my second also in February. Love the belly photo!!

  2. oh.my.gosh! What is this pinterest you speak of and where have I been!?

    Please end me an invite.

    Thanks so much! LOVE your belly pic!

  3. I love pinterest as well! I love the 40 week belly picture, adorable! I need to have my hubbs make that DIY kitchen! HOW SMART!! Hope your hanging in there these last few days! Prayers and happy thoughts for a smooth labor and delivery!!

  4. Hi, Sarah! It all looks really nice and in the event I ever have time to do any of these things, I would love an invite for pinterest! My address is jennifer.sharman@gmail.com. I hope you don't have too long left to wait and that you and the baby are well. Jennifer

  5. I've never heard of it... love the ideas though! aleenabrocato@yahoo.com

  6. Love the photo :) I would like an invite too.. Cassiesmommy@comcast.net
    Hope your little one has arrived :)

  7. Oooh, I'm curious. I'd like an invite...aciolino@hotmail.com. Thanks!

  8. I tried to take a belly pic like that but your came out much much cuter

  9. Congratulations on your little boy!!!

  10. Will you please send me an invite to pinterest! I've been trying to get an invite forever! :-)))
    Super cute pix!!

  11. I am in love with your 40 wks 4 days picture! We haven't told anyone the name we've picked out for baby boy, but the husband and I decided we would announce tha name at our baby shower. After I saw your picture... I showed it to the husband and we are totally going to steal it for our shower! Lol Hope your little one is here and that is why you haven't blogged in a couple days!

  12. I stumbled across your blog from another blog (Baby Gator Den) and wanted to compliment you on your fun blog. We just found out we are pregnant with #3 (although we haven't announced it yet) , and I want to document this one's pregnancy, since I didn't do it with the other 2. Your blog has given me some fun ideas!!! Congrats on your new arrival...I currently have 2 girls, so we have our fingers crossed for a boy this time. Have a great week!!

    Paige Price

  13. eeweger@gmail.com that sounds neat:)

  14. Fun, I'd like an invite.





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