Trucking along


It's so hard to believe we're already 30 weeks into this pregnancy. Even though the first trimester was so much harder this time around, the pregnancy as a whole has been so pleasant and low stress.

I don't know if it's because we experienced one of the "worst case scenarios" with Lillian's birth, or if it's because this is the second pregnancy, but this time I feel a sense of peace knowing that we CAN do this... whatever the outcome.

Every bump, thud, turn, stretch, roll I feel in there brings a smile (and sometimes a little grimace of pain) to my face. As far as we know, he's a healthy growing active boy and will continue to be that way upon arrival. The movement is so different from my last pregnancy. Lillian would move enough that I knew she was still alive, but it was nothing like this.

In a way I'm glad she was my first because I just didn't know any difference. I'm glad that the concerns we had with my first pregnancy were the typical concerns of a first time mom. And I'm glad that this time I can really enjoy knowing how typical THIS pregnancy is.

I know we're not totally in the clear, but I choose to remain optimistic and truly enjoy it. It may be the last.

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  1. So happy for you Sarah, Happy Mother's Day!

  2. I'm so great its all going so well this time around! I know exactly what you mean about how you don't know the difference because our first experience was so crazy. Your picture is gorgeous!!! I bet Lillian is going to love having a sibling - I know Isaac sure does! He's so attached to his Lucy!



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