Hump Day Bump Day: 16 weeks

::blows dust off bump day survey::

Time to start updating with weekly bump posts!

*How far along?: 16 weeks, and thankfully getting into the blissful part of 2nd trimester!

*Total weight gain: 3ish lbs.  Sometimes it's 5.  Last night it was 3.  meh, whatever.

*How big is baby?:  The size of an Avocado! that's 3oz and about 4-5 inches long

*Maternity clothes?: Not really.  I'm rocking the rubber band on my jeans.  There was a huge sale at Motherhood maternity last week, so I did buy some warm weather maternity clothes for our trip to Florida.  But since we're in an ice storm right now they are not making their way out of the closet.

*Sleep?: Love it.  I could sleep 12 hours a day easily.  Especially with this amazingly bad ass ginormous pregnancy pillow (aka the great wall of china)

*Best moment this week?: hm... eating pineapple ham pizza

*Movement?:  Yep.  Thankfully I'm feeling some tap taps in there today.  I felt it REALLY early around 11 or 12 weeks, and then it sort of started to fade away.  Last week I hardly felt anything.  So today I'm happy to report the tap taps are back.

*Food cravings?: Pineapple/ham pizza.  I could live on it.  And I'm dying for some captain crunch cereal (dry) thanks to the power of suggestion from a friend.  ::Sigh:: but it's icing outside so that's not going to happen.

*Labor signs?: No, thank goodness.

*Belly button in or out?: In

*What I miss: Margaritas

*What I'm looking forward to: Our big ultrasound in 2 weeks!

*Milestone: I'm officially not puking every day :).  

Naval Orange



Plum, I had the flu :(


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  1. you look great!! I love the fruit to accompany the pictures :)

  2. awe your pics are TOO CUTE! i love holding the item that is the size of the baby! why didn't i think of that?

  3. Love the pics! I also like the fruit comparisons. Go find some swiss chard for when BabyCenter tells you your baby is the size of a stalk of one somewhere at the end of the 3rd tri. :)

    And hooray for no morepuking!

  4. I remember the avocado days fondly! You look great!!



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