This week

Yesterday Lillian had her 12 month appointment and we got to see her favorite pediatrician.  We absolutely love Dr. Franklin and all of her staff.  Honestly I wish we could see her more than we do.  Unfortunately she had to get some vaccinations and after her appointment she was running a fever :(.

Then today, oh man today... she had her g-tube taken out.  I say "taken" loosely here because YANKED out describes it better.  Poor little nugget.

She's napping now, but I'll admit I'm a little scared to see how much it has leaked since she's napping on her belly.

Aside from being tortured having back to back doctors appointments this week, we've been enjoying the fall.  Especially the cooler weather.

I love my Keurig.  I love it even more since this little discovery.  It's like drinking fall.
I can't get enough of these boots.  You can find them here.

Stripes, hearts, flowers, skinny jeans, hat?!

A rare moment of interest in the little human.

A little around 40 seconds you can hear her adorable voice.  Ignore mine :).

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  1. Lillian looks like such a big girl! So cute.

    Isn't the Keurig just the best?? I think it was pretty much our best investment ever. I still haven't tried the Chai, though.

  2. Her little voice just melted me!! So cute! Can't wait for the kids to hang out again someday. =)

  3. Ging - the Keurig really is the best. I love that it takes less than a minute to brew my favorite hot drink!

    Amanda - Soon lady! We just need to make our way down there.

  4. She's such a beautiful baby! I'm impressed with how well she is doing. My daughter was born around the same time as Lillian with PWS.
    I think you will be surprised at how little the g-tube site leaks once it's taken out. It literally closed up overnight for us.

  5. They *yanked* out the G-tube? Eek! Hope she's doing all right.

    Ditto Laurie about the site closing up. Happens pretty quickly!



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