Things I don't want to forget

The day I fell in love with your eyelids.  Sometimes I pull you out of your crib so I can hold you while you sleep and see this same face, just a little bit older each time.

The funny noise you make when you click your tongue.  And how you get a big grin when we immitate you.

When you learned to clap, you clapped at everything and everyone.  For a week straight everything ended with clapping. 

When you pick up something new, you scratch it with your thumb and finger. Before putting it in your mouth.

You will do anything to get to a piece of paper or a pair of glasses. You crawled forward for the first time for these items (yesterday).

You would rather look at the person playing with you than the toy they are trying to get you to play with.  It makes for interesting therapy sessions.  All the therapist love you for this, though it makes their job that much harder.

When we're having a bad day I take you to the pet store and you try to touch the fish through the tank glass.  You laugh at them when they swim to your hand.

You laugh at the dog over anything. absolutely anything. 


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  1. Forward crawling.. yay!!!! And Hunter is totally the same with therapy.. he doesn't have 'favorite toys'.. he likes people. Poor therapists.

  2. Great Post. Mackenzie also looks at the therapist. They were trying to get her to draw a line but she wouldn't watch their hands only their faces!

  3. So sweet. When things get tough...come back to this.

  4. I love this post!!!!

  5. Great post Sarah. It's the little things like this that I'm always scared I'm going to forget. I'll remember hearing her first word, but will I remember the funny way she looks at me when she's doing something she's not supposed to?

  6. Love this post!!! Dean has given us the gift of being able to see the small things that just FLEW past us with Cole. Looks like Lillian's given you a lot of gifts as well. :)

  7. I love this post. Cherish those moments always.



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