Thankful Thursday turned into Freakout Friday

I was going to post a "Thankful Thursday" blog entry yesterday and had everything laid out in my head how it was going to go.  Then I realized my laptop was running really slow and decided it was probably best to start backing up documents before something terrible happened. 

While backing up my pictures, I LOST MY LILLIAN PHOTO ALBUM.  The entire album.  All 10+ months of photos of her entire life. 

{insert freak out}

After a little discussion with some e-friends about how I was going to possibly castrate my husband for telling me I could just "Drag and drop" the documents (which caused them to disappear) they taught me how to do a system restore.  And now all is right in the world of photo documentation.

Thank God for e-friends.

We'll be backing up the computer the CORRECT way tonight and hopefully I can find a decent laptop that isn't going to cost an arm and a leg to replace this laptop.  Right now I'm using an HP that was purchased my freshman year of college.  It's been used and abused and it's time for a new one.

Anyone have recommendations?  No Macs please.

PS. The button for the 30 Day Blog Challenge has been fixed, and will now link back to the 30 Day Blog Challenge post.  If you have a button on your sidebar, please replace it with the one that links back to the post so more people can join the challenge!  It's been a blast reading all of the blog posts, and I hope you're checking out the other blogs taking part in the challenge!


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  1. Get a Sony Vaio! I just got one a few months ago and I love it. They're easy to use, not that expensive, but they're not giving them away. Its totally worth it though. Good luck.

  2. We just got a Compaq Notebook. It's got 4GB, HD input/output and a webcam.

  3. I have a newer HP and have been really happy with it! After a few mini freakouts with computer's crashing myself, I highly recommend subscribing to a service like mozy or backblaze (what I use) that automatically backs up your computer everyday. They are both $5/month

  4. you should upload your pics to a flickr account or photobucket so you will always have them even if your computer crashes!



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