40+ weeks... still pregnant

*How far along?: 40 Weeks
*Total weight gain: Still 18lbs from pre-pregnancy weight
*How big is baby?: Around 7lbs -7.5lbs hopefully
*Maternity clothes?: I'm mainly in pjs and maternity clothes
*Sleep?: Having a really tough time falling asleep and then staying asleep.
*Best moment this week?: Probably the pedicure I got today.
*Movement?: She's kicking my ribs right now. I think she's confused on which way is out.
*Food cravings?: Creamy pie
*Labor signs?: I'm still having some twinges and pains, but nothing exciting. My boobs have really been hurting today.
*Belly button in or out?: Still the same.
*What I miss: Falling asleep without laying awake for hours first, staying asleep, and sleeping on my stomach.
*What I'm looking forward to: Going into labor or at least being dilated more than .5cm on Monday at our next appointment.
*Milestone: Making it past my due date.


  1. I was thinking about you today and wondering if Lillian was still cooking! GL!

  2. I was wondering too and hoping things were going well. I hope she comes soon! Lots of luck to you!!

  3. Light a fire under yourself and smoke that baby out!

  4. Your countdown gadget says Lily is 4 days old. haha. you wish, eh?

    Good luck!!!

  5. You look so great! She'll be here so soon!

  6. Uggh I'm sorry. I hope it happens within the next day or so! I remember how ready I was at like 38 weeks so I can only imagine how you're feeling... good luck!!! P.S. I can't believe you've gained so little weight... lucky ;) You look great!

  7. I just wanted to say, I so feel for you!! My son was 11 days late. It felt like a month.

    Also, Yay for cloth!

  8. You look ready to go!! Come on baby, get out of there!!

  9. Just to answer your question from my blog... the playmat is Gymini tiny love! She really loves it :)

  10. Hope you 3 are doing well... you all are in my thoughts and prayers. Hope to see you on thebump soon with happy news!


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